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Founded in 1989, Washington Tax Services specializes in solving tax problems -- the uglier the better.   Owe taxes? Getting audited?  Haven't filed tax returns in a while?

We think the secret to WATAX's longevity is the infrastructure we have in place to serve our clients.

  1. At  least four different individuals on staff have a hand in seeing your case through its completion.
  2. We research nearly every client's record with the IRS within 48 hours of taking a case to make sure all tax compliance issues are known at the beginning.
  3. We will discuss the resolution of your tax case - thoroughly with you before the end of your case.  We will explain to your options and the reasons why and why NOT  you qualify for your specific tax resolution.


Washington Tax already has multiple sources of information on the web to educate you about tax representation and resolution:

Tax Problem Resolution Blog  -- since 2008 -- learn about the tax representation industry and get updates on new tricks on how to resolve specific tax problems,

The 941 Tax Blog  - a blog for company's with 941 Payroll Tax Issues

and finally our homesite   Washington Tax Services website


Done surfing? Want to talk to a tax expert?  Please call us at 1 888 282 4697 to discuss your tax problem and see if tax representation is necessary for you.

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