Washington Tax Services created this site to be a one-stop resource for people to learn about the latest developments in the IRS Offer Program.

Can't afford to pay your back taxes?  Not able to pay them off within 10 years looking at your future income?  Then the IRS Offer in Compromise program might be the right strategy to settle your debt.

Three Case Examples of IRS Offer in Compromise Demonstrated in Video

Click on the following links to educate yourself about the Offer in Compromise program:

Why The Age of your Taxes Is Important : When Do your Back Taxes Expire? A Quick and Easy Test to See if You Qualify for an Offer.

2012 - Completely Changed the Offer Program:  The IRS 2012 Rules Changes: Most Important Changes Ever.

The History of IRS and the Offer:  An Unauthorized Biography of the Offer in Compromise

The Classic Offer Interview: How Washington Tax Services Does the Offer Interview / The Income/Assets/Model.

A Common Question: Offer in Compromise - How Long Does It Take to Process?

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